Williams Applauds House for Passing Bills to Support Protections in Addiction Recovery Treatment Houses
HARRISBURG - Today the state House of Representative unanimously passed a package of legislation to strengthen protections for addicts in treatment or in recovery houses, says Rep. Craig Williams (R-Chester/Delaware) who co-sponsored the bills.

The three pieces of legislation would amend the Administrative Code to specify that a person does not need to test positive for drugs in order to begin addiction treatment (House Bill 220), require recovery houses to contact emergency contacts should the resident leave due to eviction or against medical advice (House Bill 741) and require the notification of a designated person if a patient leaves an addiction treatment center against medical advice (House Bill 944).

“Tragically, I know firsthand the heartbreaking impact that addiction has both on the individual and the family,” Williams said. “No person should suffer from this terrible affliction in the way my brother did, and no family should endure what my family went through. I proudly supported this legislation so families across Pennsylvania might avoid the sorrow and suffering that my family endured. I sadly cannot bring my brother back, but my hope is that his tragedy may help create a pathway to treating addiction.”

House Bills 220, 741 and 944 now await consideration in the Senate.

“I want to thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for taking this package of legislation as personally as I do and acting swiftly to move this onto the Senate,” concluded Williams.

Representative Craig Williams
160th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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